Programs 3/6/12


I offer you long-term, individual, tailor-made support to help you find your way back to what I call “home”: the place of peace, stability and causeless joy that is your true nature.

How is it different from traditional coaching?

A traditional coach helps you develop a plan, holds you accountable and uses tools and techniques to overcome obstacles and propel you into productivity. You achieve (hopefully) what you want to achieve. Then you move on to the next goal.

I invite you to come along with your goals, your dreams and the things that seem to prevent or limit their realization. Together, we’ll explore a whole new way of understanding and exploring life. Your desires become clearer and clearer. Worry, stress and confusion disappear as your awareness deepens. You see beyond your supposed limits, and life becomes simple and joyful. The world is your playground. You’re living through an irreversible transformation, and nothing seems impossible anymore. No more, no less.

First step: you book a free, no-obligation conversation slot so that we can meet and tune our frequencies. If necessary, we’ll offer each other a second or even a third: this is serious business, both for you and for me. And if everything seems to line up, we’re off on the adventure of life-changing conversation.


© Alex Dufour

Rates for coaching vary according to your means

3 months / 6 one-hour sessions + 1 “spot coaching” (30mn)

  • 700€ (support rate)
  • 460€ (normal rate)
  • 220€ (reduced rate)

6 months / 12 one-hour sessions + 2 spot coaching sessions (30mn)

  • 1360€ (support rate)
  • 880€ (normal rate)
  • 420€ (reduced rate)

12 months / 24 one-hour sessions + 4 spot coachings (30mn)

  • 2400€ (support rate)
  • 1600€ (normal rate)
  • 800€ (reduced rate)

I don’t ask for any supporting documents or explanations, so you’re free to choose your price according to your resources and the investment you wish to make. You can even set your own price (above the reduced rate).