“The Conversation” is a space of mutual sharing into which I invite you.

Having spent more than 60 years on this planet is a privilege that I relish.
It’s called experience. Do things, and each time, learn.
Learn about yourself.

Who am I ? Why am I “me”? This red thread is woven into the mesh of my creations and my life.
I keep searching for that elusive thing: the truth about who we are.

I discovered that there is a shortcut, a direct access to this liberating truth, which is so under our noses that we do not see it, or that it seems inaccessible to us. Especially when things are going badly (when things are going well, we don’t care and that’s fine).

A form of spirituality without dogma, without gods, without rules to impose, compatible with science, and which describes our experience of existence as closely as possible to what is lived, and has nothing to prescribe. 

A serious but joyful introspection, without analysis, which could be the future of psychology.

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And you, what did you discover?
Where is it free and light?
Where is it dark and difficult?
What might we find together, through a “conversation”?
This is what I invite you to do, by writing to me at this address : les3principes@gmail.com

A short bibliography to start with :